Advance Level

Advanced Level I

This programme is your first step towards entering the industry as a trainee. It provides you with a broad appreciation of the contemporary business environment. You will develop a thorough understanding of the organisation structure and basic functioning of a business enterprise. At this level, you will be trained in the following courses:

Business Basics

In this course, you will be introduced to the processes which are followed for making basic business decisions. You will also develop an understanding of the economics of business, the concepts of demand, supply and profit and how these affect organisations.

Marketing Fundamentals

In this course, you will build a foundation in the basic processes involved in the marketing function. You will understand about developing marketing plan, learn methods of measuring marketing productivity and the importance of lifetime value of customers. You will also learn the processes of market segmentation, targeting and positioning. Service Marketing and Global Marketing will also form a part of learning in this course.

Financial Accounting Fundamentals

You will learn about accounting concepts and preparing books of accounts in this course. You will also learn how to prepare financial statements and the impact of accounting methods on business.

SAP Level I

In this course, you will improve your language and personality, and develop abilities in time and resource management. You will also attend grooming sessions and be trained in interview skills. Apart from regular workshops, you will attend a Cutting-Edge Camp, which will take you on an intensive journey of self discovery and goal setting to help you accomplish your objectives in life.

Advanced Level II

In this programme, you will be given an insight into the business functions of Sales, Human Resource, Costing, Budgeting and Research & Analytics. At this level, you will receive training in the following courses:


You will learn basic sales processes and how to apply them in business situations. It also includes sales preparation, lead management as well as effective selling techniques.

Research & Analytics

In this course, you will learn to capture the data relevant for making business decisions and methods of implementing suitable research techniques. You will be introduced to various research methodologies, statistical concepts and quantitative techniques. You will also be introduced to various qualitative methods such as interviewing techniques, sampling and tools like ethnography, online interviews, observation, etc.

HR & Talent Management

As a business professional, you need to have an understanding of human capital as an important resource. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of HR with special emphasis on the processes involved in HR planning and performance management. You will also learn about various types of organisational structure, the importance of training and development and the role of an HR Manager in an organisation.

Costing, MIS & Budgetary Control

During this course, you will learn the differences between financial and cost accounting, costing methods, techniques and their applications. You will be introduced to various cost concepts, classifications and preparation of cost sheets. The course will also include analysis, distribution, control and treatment of overheads.

SAP Level II

In this level, you will develop time management skills along with the ability to manage other resources. This course will focus on personal effectiveness, conflict management and negotiation skills. You will also learn the importance of Integrity as a key to success.

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