Advanced Diploma

Advanced Level I

This programme develops the advanced skills in various functions and enables the learner to enter the industry as a well trained business professional. At this level the student begins developing advanced skills in core business functions of marketing, finance and HR management. On completion of the course, the learners are trained to find opportunities in the profession of their choice.

Advanced Certificate Level - I


Sales is a primary activity in any business organisation and is easily the most valued function as this generates revenue for the business. The demand for qualified and skilled sales people is always very high in the industry. At this level, learners are trained to handle the basic sales processes that include sales preparation, prospecting, relationship building, probing, closing and post sales service.

Talent Acquisition

In today’s dynamic and competitive environment, the success of a business depends heavily on the quality of its human resource. Talent acquisition therefore is one of the most critical functions within an organisation. At this level, the learner will be introduced to the various recruitment processes like manpower planning, pre-joining, joining and induction and vendor management.

Financial Reporting and Accounting Compliance – I

This prepares to handle the financial data of a company with ease at each and every level of the transaction and trains to record, classify, and summarize the result of business operations. Consequently, it also, equips to analyze the summarized data, interpret and report in order to get a meaningful judgment about the operational result and financial position of the business.

Life and Core Skills

This module aims to build student’s focus toward their goals by developing their vision & mission of life, enhancing their physical & mental energy, improving their effectiveness & efficiency by developing, time management, Team management and execution skills.

Advanced Certificate Level - II

Integrated Marketing Communication and Branding

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is a cross-functional process for creating and nourishing profitable relationships with customers and other stakeholders by strategically controlling or influencing all messages sent to these groups and encouraging data-driven, purposeful dialogue with them. Branding is a complex process, but its goal is simple. It is the creation and development of a specific identity for a company, product, commodity, group or person. At this level, the learners will be trained on Product Lifecycle Management, Target Selection, Brand Equity, Media Planning, Media Buying, Campaign Selection & Finalization.

Treasury & Capital Markets - I (Management of Financial Services)

During this course, the student will acquire an understanding of the role of Financial Services in Business organizations and it will give an insight into the strategic, regulatory, operating and managerial issues concerning select financial services. It will examine the present status and development taking place in the financial services sector and it will help develop an integrated knowledge of the functional areas of financial services industry in the real world situation.

Talent Management and OD

Today, one of the greatest challenges that organisations are facing is to successfully attract, assess, train and retain talented employees. Talent Management encompasses in itself the entire process of Planning, Recruiting, Developing, Managing, and Compensating employees throughout the organisation. This module will include development of skills in Employee Engagement, Career Planning and Succession Management, Performance Management and Organizational Development.

IT Skills

The Program imparts and develops IT Skills to the students in order to equip them with essential IT Skills like ‘Creating a Presentation’, ‘Making Reports on Excel’, ‘Creating Company-specific Documents’, ‘Punching Qualitative and Quantitative Data for Analysis’ and ‘Drawing Graphs, Charts and Diagrams for Inferential Purposes’.

Focus & Energy

This module aims to further improve their focus by defining students’ ambitions and logical steps to achieve their ambitions/goals, augment their energy through meditation, enhancing their result orientation by optimum utilization of resources and build their effectiveness by developing inter-personal relations both in personal and professional life.