The purpose of assessment is to provide you with a periodic feedback on various aspects of your development, help prepare a development plan and, finally, to demonstrate continuous professional growth and development.

The first assessment is the assessment of Assignments. This assessment is designed to provide you with feedback on your ability to apply the Concepts that you have learnt in a simulated environment. You will be provided detailed feedback and make up opportunities.

The second assessment is for Skills and Attitudes. This is based on testing and observation in the classroom and peer review. At this stage, you will be provided a detailed feedback which will help you identify areas of improvement. You will then prepare a makeup plan to ensure continuous professional development.

The third assessment is for Traineeship performance. This is a work place assessment along with your supervisor, designed to assess your ability to apply the Skills and Attitudes learnt in the classroom. You will receive structured feedback from your supervisor about your workplace performance. This feedback is invaluable in professional development.

Finally, there is an assessment of knowledge of Concepts. This is a hygiene requirement. It is necessary for you to pass this assessment in order to clear your programme.