Digital Marketing Article

The radio created a furor amongst consumers and every one wanted to own one. And just when it seemed that the mass communication was at its best came the television. Everyone wanted a piece of that too. Today smart TV is the latest kid on the block and the trend will be no different… The inference is that as the mass communication needs evolve and spread so does the marketing message leading to a change in the strategy.

With internet taking the larger chunk of consumer’s time, especially the social media and email, what better medium to take your message across to the consumer than the internet! To clarify, a smart TV can also connect to the internet and one can actually browse and communicate..!

Development of tablets, smaller computers (laptops & notebooks) and smart-phones have taken the internet usage to a new level. In fact, sale of such devices has been on the rise for over half a decade and it does not seem to slow down across the globe.

What we are witnessing is the convergence two different technologies and it is obvious that any organization’s marketing strategy should look at it and prepare to take on the challenge. It is a question of survival and competition has always seemed fierce unless the business is visionary (ex: Steve Jobs and Apple Inc.).

Coming to a comparison between a smart TV and handheld devices mentioned above, what do you think a marketer should be looking at in terms of strategy? Independent of the niche or the industry, I feel the logical culmination is digital marketing.

Digital marketing not only includes internet marketing practices but also brings under its fold other practices like smart TV marketing, mobile marketing and localized marketing like Bluetooth, infrared and IP based LED/LCD marketing. How many people aged below 40 watch traditional TV today? (In fact, many of them do watch the same TV programming on hand-held device) If you look at the figures and how they have come down over the last decade, you will be amazed. In fact, traditional programming has evolved and is at its best, but it seems that it has reached its zenith technologically. The latest in television is a smart TV and it is a whole new ball game.

Let us see what digital marketing brings to the table:

  1. Digital Marketing has a far greater reach than traditional marketing – Imagine the reach of an internet advertisement compared to a billboard, a radio advert or a TV advert.
  2. Compared to the traditional form of marketing, digital marketing is quite inexpensive. The only expensive part of digital marketing is the man power since they have to come highly skilled and professional.
  3. Digital marketing comes with amazing analytics and each of the consumer’s actions is measurable. This enables better planning and timely tweaking of a marketing strategy which can be done easily due to centralized control.
  4. Strategically, due to reach and costs, digital marketing brings a lot of advantages to the table. It saves costs on advertising, travel, logistics and analytical reasoning.

Since going digital has been the strategy for most enterprises across the globe, not many traditional businesses have been able to change their mindsets and those who did have not been successful. If a business has a marketing budget, the mix of the budget between the traditional and digital has not been encouraging in the past few years. The major drawbacks have been lackluster approach, budgetary problems and the most major drawback has been availability of professional and qualified manpower.

One of the reasons for the gap is that there has been no formal certification for digital marketing. The last couple of years have seen a rise in digital marketing certification from well-known b-schools and it seems that the gap will be filled in the near future. Digital being the name of the day, a business ignoring it will be at its own peril.

This opens a lot of vistas for career-minded youngsters who are looking at making digital marketing their focus. In the coming years, in fact decades, the demand for skilled workers in the field of digital marketing will only rise. It is time to decide and make the leap.