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The industry today, regards manpower as its most important resource. In a competitive, ability-driven economy, effective Human Resource management holds the key to the success of a business organization.

Today, the Industry is competing to hire the best from the limited pool of talent available. The focus has, therefore, shifted from hiring to talent acquisition. There is a strong emphasis not only on employing people who are most suited for the job, but also on training and development of employees, and on providing them with a supportive environment in which they can achieve excellence.

Tailored content
At WLCI’s School of Business, the Human Resources management course has been developed in partnership with experts from the field who have tailored the content to meet the requirements of the Industry. Our HR Courses are aimed at creating competent professionals who would be hands-on and be able to contribute to the Industry right from the first day.

Specialize in key professions
WLCI’s course in Human Resource Management trains students in 6 key professions including Talent Acquisition, Talent Management & Organisational Development, Employee Relations, Learning Services, Administration and Compensation and Benefit Management.

Practical learning
Our course is superior in content and in rigor to other MBA programmes offered by traditional B-Schools. Practice sessions have been incorporated as an integral part of each classroom session, giving you the opportunity to practice what you have learnt.

Earn while you learn
Apart from the rigorous classroom teaching and practical workshops, our Human Resource Management students also receive the opportunity to work with leading companies while pursuing the course. This will enable you to practice your learning in a real work environment – giving you an unbeatable edge over graduates from other B-Schools.

Flexible learning options
WLCI offers you the opportunity to pursue the Human Resource Management programme at any one of our several campuses located across the country. Distance learners and those looking for flexible education options can attend their classes through video conferencing.

Career options in Human Resource: Career options in Human Resource management are wide-ranging starting from Recruitment, Talent Management, Learning & Development, Administration, Employee Relations and Compensation Benefit Management.

Essentially an HR manager builds a company’s culture, handles employee relations, maintains benefits and payroll, recruits new hires and carries out many more functions in an organization.

With a growing trend in the market today and the importance being given to HR, there is an increased need for HR professionals with the relevant knowledge and skills.

Career options in Human Resource Management are wide starting from Recruitment, Talent Management, Learning & Development, Administration, Employee Relations and Compensation / Benefit Management.

Essentially an HR manager builds a company’s culture, handles employee relations, maintains benefits and payroll, recruits new hires and carries out many more functions in an organisation.

With a growing trend in the market today and the importance being given to HR, there is an increased need for HR professionals with the relevant knowledge and skills.

WLCI trains you for the following Careers in Human Resources:

Full Time Programmes

For Graduates

-- Professional Certificate - I
-- Professional Certificate - II

For Working Professional

-- Executive Diploma

Part Time Program

-- Talent Acquisition

Professional Certificate Level - I
Talent Acquisition
Talent Management and Organisation Development
Learning Services
Employee Relations

Professional Certificate Level - II
Learning Services
Compensation and Benefit Management
Employee Relations
Life & Core Skills

Super Specialisation (any one)
Talent Acquisition
Talent Management
Learning Services

HR management holds the key to the success of a business organization and therefore manpower is valued to be as important as financial capital. Today, the Industry is competing for the best in the limited pool of talent available to it. The focus has ,therefore, shifted from mere hiring to talent acquisition. There is a strong emphasis not only on employing people who are most suited for the job, but also on training and developing employees by providing them with a supportive environment. Today, many young people are choosing the HR profession to pursue rewarding careers in the industry.

  • Advanced level
  • Professional level I
  • Professional level II
This programme develops the advanced skills in various functions and enables the learner to enter the industry as a well trained business professional. At this level the student begins developing advanced skills in core business functions of marketing, finance and HR management. On completion of the course, the learners are trained to find opportunities in the profession of their choice.

Advanced Certificate - I


Sales is a primary activity in any business organisation and is easily the most valued function as this generates revenue for the business. The demand for qualified and skilled sales people is always very high in the industry. At this level, learners are trained to handle the basic sales processes that include sales preparation, prospecting, relationship building, probing, closing and post sales service.

Talent Acquisition

In today’s dynamic and competitive environment, the success of a business depends heavily on the quality of its human resource. Talent acquisition, therefore, is one of the most critical functions in an organisation. At this level, the learner will be introduced to the various recruitment processes like manpower planning, pre-joining, joining and induction and vendor management.

Financial Reporting and Accounting Compliance – I

This prepares to handle the financial data of a company with ease at each and every level of the transaction and trains to record, classify, and summarize the result of business operations. Consequently, it also, equips to analyze the summarized data, interpret and report in order to get a meaningful judgment about the operational result and financial position of the business.

Life and Core Skills

This module aims to build student’s focus towards their goals by developing their vision & mission of life, enhancing their physical & mental energy, improving their effectiveness & efficiency by developing time management, Team management and execution skills.

Advanced Certificate - II

Integrated Marketing Communication and Branding

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is a cross-functional process for creating and nourishing profitable relationships with customers and other stakeholders by strategically controlling or influencing all messages sent to these groups and encouraging data-driven, purposeful dialogue with them. Branding is a complex process, but its goal is simple. It is the creation and development of a specific identity for a company, product, commodity, group or person. At this level, the learners will be trained on Product Lifecycle Management, Target Selection, Brand Equity, Media Planning, Media Buying, Campaign Selection & Finalization.

Treasury & Capital Markets - I (Management of Financial Services)

During this course, the student will acquire an understanding of the role of Financial Services in Business organizations and it will give an insight into the strategic, regulatory, operating and managerial issues concerning select financial services. It will examine the present status and development taking place in the financial services sector and it will help develop an integrated knowledge of the functional areas of financial services industry in the current financial scenario.

Talent Management and OD

Today, one of the greatest challenges that organisations are facing is to successfully attract, assess, train and retain talented employees. Talent Management encompasses in itself the entire process of Planning, Recruiting, Developing, Managing, and Compensating employees throughout the organisation. This module will include development of skills in Employee Engagement, Career Planning and Succession Management, Performance Management and Organizational Development.

IT Skills

The Program imparts and develops IT Skills in the students in order to equip them with essential IT Skills like ‘Creating a Presentation’, ‘Making Reports on Excel’, ‘Creating Company-specific Documents’, ‘Punching Qualitative and Quantitative Data for Analysis’ and ‘Drawing Graphs, Charts and Diagrams for Inferential purposes.

Life & Core Skills

This module aims to further improve their focus by defining students’ ambitions and logical steps to achieve their ambitions/goals, augment their energy through meditation, enhancing their result orientation by optimum utilization of resources and build their effectiveness by developing inter-personal relations both in personal and professional life.


Talent Acquisition
This level develops skills in creating a recruitment plan by applying different tools and applications of manpower planning. Students are trained on Manpower Planning, Interview Techniques, Recruitment Processes, On-boarding and Talent Acquisition Evaluation. The student will be exposed to techniques of accessing professional websites such as LinkedIn etc., the latest industry trends in the ‘online’ recruitment process and management of vendors, reporting and MIS

Talent Management and Organisation Development
This core module focuses on setting performance standards, coaching and feedback mechanisms. This level includes training on designing Performance Appraisal Systems, conducting Performance Appraisals, measuring Performance, Potential Assessment and Development, Competency Based HRM, Coaching, Transformational Leadership and Change Management.

Learning Services
This module will help to build abilities in carrying out training need analysis and relevant content creation to meet organizational training goals. Students will also learn how to understand learners , styles of learning and learning preferences, prepare and manage the process of learning, including defining Competencies, Competency Assessment, Performance & Potential Gap Analysis, Training Need Analysis, preparation of Training Calendar, training logistics and evaluation of the Training Program.

The students will learn key aspects of facility and logistics management and also acquire skills to manage vendors and handle statutory safety requirements for the organisation. The module will also focus on Facility Management – Operations & Maintenance, Safety & Environmental Health, Security, Purchasing Process, Vendor management, Crisis management, Contracts Management and Legislation affecting Facility Management.

Employee Relations
In this module the students will learn the steps of performance improvement process, develop skills to assess team behaviour, analyse and deal with disruptive behaviour at work and how to resolve conflict situations. It will also include reward and recognition strategy of the organisations, designing retention strategies, understanding the dynamics of Merger and Acquisition, planning and managing redundancy.


Learning Services
This module ensures that the students build abilities in conducting training programmes, learn how to engage with internal and external trainers and implement policies related to training. It also develops skills of vendor management, content development – designing and validation and also gain an in depth-understanding of the practices used in training programmes.

Compensation and Benefit Management
This module introduces students to various compensation models and their application in organisations. They acquire the ability to carry out compensation surveys, evolve an appropriate compensation structure for an organisation and develop salary structures, incentive packages and benchmark salaries. The focus is on the areas of job evaluation, taxation aspects of compensation management, the entire payroll management process as well as international compensation structures. It also introduces the legal compliances with respect to compensation and benefits.

Employee Relations
In this sub-profession, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the employee relation policies as well as the complete process of wage management. The student will learn to handle redundancy, implement employee welfare programs, handle emergency situations, institute fair and gender free working environment, handle internal communications, understand collective bargaining strategies and legal requirements and develop skills to institute measures for grievance redressal to ensure employee satisfaction.

Super Specialisation (any one)

Talent Acquisition
The module develops ability to analyze the cost effectiveness of various TA methods and select the most economical medium to meet the organizational objective. Students will also be able to apply the modern techniques of talent acquisition, various HRIS methods based on latest practices and software in vogue currently. The students will also understand the importance and various techniques used for Employer Branding and its relation to Talent acquisition process

Talent Management
This module ensures that the student is able to develop an Employee value Proposition leading to achievement of business outcomes, manage and address employee grievances and manage employee expectation. This also includes methods of attrition management and students will be able to create a succession plan, build a talent pipeline, identify and accelerate development of Hi Pots for future roles. They will also be able to handle organisation development and change management process for an organisation.

Learning Services
This covers the advance application of learning services and develops the ability to define key competencies of the future, know how to build learning organisations and conduct business impact analysis. The students develop the skills, to audit the training process, design a MIS which quantifies benefits of training and identify the appropriate technology for training support. It also covers the best practice of training and application of best learning platforms for training and development.

Employer's Council Members
Mr. Ajay Devraj Senior Vice-President-Group Human Capital, Welspun Group
Mr. Anjan Bhowmik Manager HR-ITC
Mr. Asit Mohapatra Director HR-Textiles Raymond Ltd.
Mr. B.R. Ranju Head HR - BPL India
Mr. Barun Sen Director (C&B) - Microsoft
Mr. Bensely Zachariah DGM - HR, KPIT Cummins Global Business Solutions
Mr. C.B. Tiwari Chief People Officer - (Cement Business) Aditya Birla Group
Mr. C.V. Ramanan Chairman - NHRD - Corporate Interface and CEO of Ladders Consultancy Services
Ms. Cynthia D'souza Managing Director, Cynthesis Management Consultants
Mr. Harish Govind Vice-President Human Resources & Administration-Bluestar
Ms. Kumkum Nongrum Vice President and Head-Learning & Development, ABN AMRO Bank
Mr. Mahesh Kudtarkar Chief Manager-Reliance Digital Retail India.
Mr. Mahesh Maralinga Director and Regional Head of Talent Acquisition & Service Delivery - South Asia for Thomson Reuters
Mr. Niraj Barethiya Head HR, Hindustan CocaCola Pvt. Ltd
Mr. Nirmal Nair Senior Manager Human Resource-Tata Trent (Westside)
Mr. P.K Patro Head Human Resource-TCE Consulting Engineers Ltd.
Mr. Pandu Gowdra Director HR, Redknee Technologies
Mr. Prasanna Shankarappa Vice-President Corporate HR-Reliance Communications
Mr. S. Ramadoss Vice President HR - Titan Industries Limited
Mr. Sanjeev Somasundaram Executive VP & Global Head-Talent Acquisition Tesco HSC
Mr. Shantonu Dasmahapatra Vice President HR-Bombay Dyeing
Mr. Sriram Head Talent Acquisition - Samsung India Software
Ms. Sujaya Banerjee Chief Learning Officer, Essar Group
Mr. Sumeet Varghese Consultant & Project Partner, TVRLS & Academy of HRD
Mr. Tangaraj AVP-HR Thomas Cook
Ms. Tanuja Baljekar GM Learning & Development, Thermax Limited
Mr. V. Ravi Head Talent & Leadership Development, Voltas
Mr. Vinod Khisty Vice President -Human Resources-Siemens Information System Ltd.
Mr. Rajiv Gusain Head HR - North, Bajaj Allianz
Mr. Mayur Chaturvedi GM Talent Acquisition, Pepsi
Mr. Murtaza Attari Regional Manager HR (North) - Aviva Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
Mr. Swapan Kumar Nandy Director, Complete Human Resource Solutions
Mr. Partho P. Kar Member, Board of Governor IIM