Classroom work will form an important part of your learning experience at WLCI. This involves the understanding of concepts and their application in a simulated job environment. This ensures that you are equipped with all the knowledge that may be required to perform well in your chosen profession.

The most important factor that differentiates teaching at WLCI from other institution is the focus on Processes. You will first learn about the key processes of your chosen profession, the activities that are a part of those processes and also the outcomes expected. All the concepts are then taught in the context of these work processes, thus making learning not only more meaningful but also more fun.

The second major differentiator is the Faculty themselves. At WLCI, the faculty is chosen based on the strength of their experience in the subject area, their previous track record and their familiarity with the work processes of the area they are taking up. This ensures that you learn not just the concepts but also become familiar with their application in a simulated and then, finally, in a real work environment.

The third most important differentiator is the Content. Each area is divided into sub-professions and these are further segmented into key processes as actually practiced in the real professional environment. Hence, the content is practice-based. The content of each area, along with the processes and outcomes and consequently the knowledge, skills and behavioural attributes required for every job in each professional area, have been defined by the WLCI Employers Council.

The employer’s council is made up of over 200 senior professionals working in some of the top corporations worldwide. This ensures that the content is always current and reflects the needs of the industry.