Work Based Training

At WLCI, we believe that the real purpose of professional education is to create Doers. This is why work-based training is an important part of all our programmes -- It ensures that you graduate from a WLCI programme not just with a professional qualification but with real work experience and ability.

The first step towards this is the GEC (Grooming, Etiquette and Communication) programme. This is designed to ensure that you understand all the nuances of workplace and are equipped with the techniques and skills required to crack your first interview. This is followed by your first assessment. After clearing this assessment, you will begin meeting employers for your traineeship placement.

The second step of this process is the SAP (Skills & Attitudes Programme) which is designed to equip you with the skills and behavioural attributes required to be successful in your chosen profession. This programme runs concurrently with the teaching throughout your course, it consists of specially designed workshops and two residential camps.

Skills and Attitudinal Workshops are of limited use unless you have the opportunity to practice what you have learned in a real work environment. Therefore, the third step of this process is the Traineeship programme which is designed to provide you a platform to practice what you have learned in the SAP. Additionally, the Traineeship programme also provides you valuable work experience and a stipend that could help pay a part of your tuition fee.