Virtual Programmes

Virtual Programmes

You could be a full-time student who has missed his classes, or a busy professional who cannot travel to the campus. You could be located in a city anywhere in the world with no WLCI campus in sight, and still avail all the benefits of classroom learning through the virtual mode which is now available for all WLCI programmes.

Using our Virtual Learning Technology, you could attend lectures, workshops and coaching sessions just as you would at the college, without ever leaving your home or office.

The virtual classes are conducted by an active faculty with whom you can interact and ask questions directly and in real time. Unlike physical classrooms, assignments are submitted electronically by uploading them on WLCI’s e-learning portal.

The faculty or support staffs are always available whenever a student needs help.

Benefits for learners:
1. Attend live classes without travelling to a campus.
2. Acquire new skills/qualifications without taking a career break.
3. Minimum work disruption as classes are conducted on weekends.
4. Opportunity to attend classes of top faculty across the country.
5. Interact with a varied group of students/professionals from across the country.