The WLCI Way

  • Career Advice

    One of the first things you will do after you apply for any WLCI program is to take the WLCI Personality Assessment Test. This test helps you assess your personality preferences and could be used to identify the profession you will be most comfortable and effective in. This is a small but critical step in building a sound career.

    Our experience over the years has been that a large percentage of students do not make the best career choices at the beginning of their studies .

  • Teaching

    Classroom work will form an important part of your learning experience at WLCI. This involves the understanding of concepts and their application in a simulated job environment. This ensures that you are equipped with all the knowledge that may be required to perform well in your chosen profession.

    The most important factor that differentiates teaching at WLCI from other institution is the focus on Processes. You will first learn about the key processes of your chosen profession, the activities that are a part of those processes.

  • Training

    At WLCI we believe that the real purpose of professional education is to create Doers. This is why work based training is a part of all our programs; it ensures that you graduate from a WLCI program not just with a professional qualification but with real work experience and Ability.

    The first step towards this is the GEC program which is designed to ensure that you understand all the nuances of workplace Grooming, Etiquette and Communication also at this stage you will be equipped with the techniques.

  • Assessment

    The purpose of assessment is to provide you with a periodic feedback on various aspects of your development, agree on a development plan and finally to demonstrate continuous professional growth and development.

    The first assessment is the assessment of Assignments, this assessment is designed to provide you with feedback on your ability to apply the Concepts that you have learnt in a simulated environment - you will be provided detailed feedback and make up opportunities.

  • Coaching

    The purpose of coaching is to identify bottle necks in development and mentor you to ensure that the abilities that you have acquired thus far are converted into real and tangible results.

    Based on all your assessments your coach who will usually be an experienced professional will help you overcome any difficulties that you may be facing in any of the areas of professional development, further your coach will provide the necessary advice to ensure that you are able to achieve results in your workplace.

  • Placement

    By the time you have completed your program at WLCI you are already a fully trained and experienced professional. You carry with yourself relevant work experience, relevant knowledge and relevant skills. This makes you perform on the job right from day one.

    The WLCI Corporate Services team meets with hundreds of employers each month to find career opportunities. Over the last fifteen years, more than 12,000 professionals have been placed worldwide.